This is the Shocking Secret Behind Animals in Pet Shops.

Many people walk past pet stores, take a quick glance at the adorable animals inside and claim they’ve “fallen in love,” and that they “need” a new pet right away; however, most don’t realize that buying this animal becomes a contribution to a cruel and frightening ring of puppy and kitten abusers. Here are the startling and disturbing reasons NOT to buy a pet from a shop.

Firstly, most animals in pet shops come from mills. Puppies and kittens are often abused but, for the owners of legal mills, when the animals are treated extremely cruelly the owners are most often only given a warning or a fine that doesn’t reflect the amount of pain inflicted on these poor creatures. Here are only a few examples of some of the crimes committed by these horrible people: an Ohio breeder was found with seven dead puppies scattered on the ground and was only cited by his USDA inspector for a housing violation (Andy Yoder, Yoder Backroad Kennel, Millersburg, OH). Another breeder was found with a Maltese in an outdoor kennel who was deceased and so cold that he was frozen solid. Other dogs on the property had nothing but solid ice in their water bowls (Rachel, Virgel, and Vickie Davis, Davis Kennel, Seymour, MO.) A pair of Iowa breeders who refused to let the USDA inspector take photos of a dog with mammary tumors because she was one of several dogs they intended to have “euthanized” by gunshot (Martin and Barbara Hammen, S R K Kennel, Jolley, IA.). A Missouri breeder who has been found with more than 90 dogs and puppies in need of veterinary care by USDA inspectors since 2010 (Donald Schrage, Rabbit Ridge Kennel, Edina, MO.). There are so many more cases like these that exist. Please don’t buy from pet shops and please help stop animal mills.

Only about 30 percent of pets in homes come from shelters or rescues. Almost three million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters every year. The ones bought in pet shops come from animals that are forced to give birth over and over again, just to have their babies be taken away from them and sold as products. I’m currently writing this article to my mother to try and prevent her from supporting this horrible practice. Mommy, what would you do if I was taken away from you at birth, abused, and then sold to another family? Then you had to endure the same thing once Emily was born? It’s a horrible, cruel practice, and supporting pet shops only promotes the abuse of more and more kittens and puppies.

Plus, the transportation from one of these mills to the pet shop is yet another cruel and stressful experience the animal must endure. Many of these pets experience extreme pain or even death on the way to the shops. They often arrive dying from starvation, illness or injury. Many animals are stuffed into tiny containers where they suffer for days before being unpacked. During one investigation, PETA discovered more than 100 iguanas in a shipping crate who had been left without food or water for weeks after the order for them was canceled. Half of them were dead.

I know you want to buy a kitten from a shop, mommy, but this is what you’re helping to support when you give money to the pet store — cruel, torturous kitten farms. A man in Australia just got busted for running a kitten factory, where kittens and cats were found riddled with infections and living in filth; 30 of the 72 Bengal cats seized were so sick they had to be euthanized. Most of the times these kittens are kept in cages at all times. Furthermore, these cages are usually way too small in size and the animals must sleep in their own feces due to lack of space. These mills possess lingering aromas of animal excrement and urine. Just like mills, animals in pet shops are usually stuffed together in tiny cages — much too small for any animal to live in. Also, breeders in mills never actually meet those who purchase their animals, thus showing they don’t actually care what happens to their tortured kittens and puppies once they’ve given them away. All of these are proof that pet shops don’t care about anything but their own selfish need for more and more profit.

Be a hero to these animals, not a villain.



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